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Will scoring poorly on my AP exam affect my chances of getting admitted to colleges?


Your grade in your AP class and the score on your AP exam are used differently.

GPA for Admissions

Since your grade is part of you GPA, it is a large factor in the college admissions process. Many colleges still atribute great significance to GPAs, but this has been changing over time. Many schools and districts give "weighted grades" for AP courses, give more GPA points for a grade in an AP class then a regular class, so this can greatly affect your GPA.

Scores for Credit

Your AP exam scores are not used as a major factor in the admissions process. Remember, many of the students taking AP exams are seniors and they do not get their scores until well after they have been accepted to a college. Thus scores can not really be used in the admissions process.
Scoring well on the exams can, however, earn you college credit for your high school class. Whether or not you can receive credit or not will depend on the course, the college, your score and your major. This "college" credit is one of the biggest reasons students take the AP exam. With the high cost of tuition, receiving credit can translate into thousands of dollars of tuition savings.

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