How much do AP exams cost?

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How much do AP exams cost?


The cost of Advanced Placement exams varies by state, district and school. The "typical" cost of an AP exam is $86.00. There are several states that pay for all or some portion of the exam fee. Occasionally districts and schools will reduce the exam fee. There are times where schools must charge a higher exam fee to cover the cost of administering exams, transporting students and renting space to administer exams.

Financial Assistance

Students requiring financial assistance should talk to the Advanced Placement coordinator at their school. The College Board offers reduced exam fees for students who participate in the Federal Free/Reduced Lunch Program. Many schools offer other students with financial hardships reduced fees or scholarships.

Great Value

Even at the full exam fee, the AP exams are a great value. Students who score well on the exams can often earn "college credit" for their high school class. With the high cost of college tuition, each exam can translate into thousands of dollars in tuition. It is critical that students take the exams seriously and prepare for them. There are several good study guides for each AP exam.

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